actual diary entry from when i was in 5th grade oh my god
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Go To Sleep
The Avett Brothers

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Lay back, lay back, go to sleep, my man

Wipe the blood from your face and your hands

Forgive yourself if you think you can

Go to sleep, go to sleep, my man.


literature meme [1/3 genres] 

"While the South is hardly Christ-centered, it is most certainly Christ-haunted." - Flannery O’Connor 

'Common themes in Southern Gothic literature include deeply flawed, disturbing or eccentric characters who may or may not dabble in hoodoo, ambivalent gender roles and decayed or derelict settings, grotesque situations, and other sinister events relating to or coming from poverty, alienation, crime and violence.'

someone make me look objectively cool before i have to go to my lecture in two and a half hours

know this:

i have to dress up like a pirate once i get back to go out so

easy transitions are a must

i can’t stop listening to live videos of blaenavon and dog is dead 

and i’m just lying n my bed sideways

drinking chambord and cream soda


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Arrival In Nara
This Is All Yours
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though i cannot see, i can hear her smile as she sings

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The Riot Club (2014) | Official Movie Poster

Filthy. Rich. Spoilt. Rotten. Incredibly hot.


identity is fluid. you may be unable to find the words to describe yourself. you may find the prefect words. you may find that these words don’t work for you days, weeks, months, or even years later. that’s prefect because identity is fluid.

Kristen Stewart by Tom Munro for Elle Magazine June 2012